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VIDEO: Republican Party of Virginia’s Convention of Chaos

"The GOP primary has become a Trump litmus test"


From the Democratic Governor’s Association (DGA):

VIDEO: Republican Party of Virginia’s Convention of Chaos

The DGA released a video today highlighting the mayhem surrounding the Virginia Republican nomination fight. The Virginia GOP has spent nearly every weekend fighting one another – and now, they’re heading towards a convention of chaos. Watch the video here.

Frontrunner candidate and self-proclaimed “Trump in heels” Amanda Chase has preemptively accused the Virginia GOP of cheating, and even sued the Republican Party over their decision to choose their gubernatorial nominee via a convention. Her fellow candidate Glenn Youngkin also expressed his frustration with the party’s decision.

Republicans across the state accused the party of rigging the convention – commenting “This is an absolute joke,” “The convention is RIGGED,” “This smells fixed,” “Are you trying to rig the choice to select your choice over ours?,” “Running a convention from cars? This thing is gonna be rigged,” and “This is all to silence Amanda Chase.”

Adding to the non-stop conversation about a “rigged” convention is the revelation that one of candidate Pete Snyder’s senior staff members is playing an advisory role on the State Central Committee, which is responsible for making nomination decisions.

Even in the unlikely event they make it past the convention in one piece – Virginia Republicans may have to contend with spoiler runs. Chase has threatened to run as an independent candidate if she feels there is “cheating involved” at the convention. And former Rep. Denver Riggleman was so disgusted with the party infighting he suggested he may also mount an independent run.

Former Virginia Republican officials have expressed their frustration with the nasty infighting, saying a divided party has ”no shot of winning.”

One thing’s for sure – Virginia Republicans are just as divided as ever.

“Virginia Republicans are focusing all of their energy on fighting one another rather than fighting for Virginians,” said DGA Senior Communications Advisor Christina Amestoy. “The GOP primary has become a Trump litmus test, and regardless of the nomination method, the party will continue to be in a state of chaos. How can Republicans expect to run the state when they can’t even run their own party?


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