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Audio: Amanda Chase Says Allowing People To Be in Legislative Black Caucus Based On Skin Color Is “government-sponsored racism”

Chase also says she's "unapologetic" about her attacks on Sen. Jennifer McClellan, Vice-Chair of the VLBC


Haven’t had your daily fix of far-right Virginia State Sen. Amanda Chase (R) today? We’ve got you covered…here’s Chase speaking on the “Larry O’Connor Show” on Friday. – Enjoy (or more likely not)? 😉

First, here’s Chase on Sen. Jennifer McClellan (for background on this, see Video: Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Says Sen. Jennifer McClellan (D) “is the vice chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus and I’m all for diversity but we cannot continue” and Sen. Jennifer McClellan Statement on Sen. Amanda Chase’s Racist Attacks from mid-March)

“I unapologetically called out Jennifer McClellan when she announced she was running for governor. She’s the vice chairman of the Legislative Black Caucus. And I unapologetically said she won’t represent all of Virginia. Listen, we have got to stop this… We need to… it should be based on merit, whether you get into a college, whether you get a scholarship, this whole ideology that you’re allowed to be in this group or that group based on the color of your skin, that is racism. That is government-sponsored racism. And we need to stop doing that. It’s wrong no matter who you are. And they can call me a racist all day long. I know that I’m not. It’s the very people that are accusing us of being racist, that are racist themselves.”

And then there’s the following, in response to a question about whether she’ll run as an independent if she doesn’t get the Virginia GOP’s gubernatorial nomination. Great stuff, eh?

“I have said at this point that I would support the nominee, any nominee except for Pete Snyder at this point, because it’s his campaign that is continuing to [mar?] the process…All options are on the table if Pete Snyder is elected, because I believe he would have won because the thumb was on the scale. And so I will weigh all options on the table at that point. But I’m letting the public know. I’m letting the public know as we go that we need to ensure that there is a fair process with this convention and I’m going to be holding people accountable. Do I want to run as an independent? No, but I’m not going to be cheated because I’ve run way longer than Pete Snyder has — over a year.”

Yes, please do!





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