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Audio: In the Middle of Virginia Citizens Defense League Forum, Amanda Chase Has Alleged Road Rage Incident in Which Aide Brandishes Gun

Chase aide: "That'll get your bitch ass in the car, won't it?"


Never a dull moment with Amanda Chase, eh? Check this out, courtesy of a just-posted Washington Post story:

An aide traveling with Republican gubernatorial candidate Sen. Amanda F. Chase brandished an AR-15 pistol this week at a man who Chase said threatened them during a “road rage” incident.

Audio from Chase’s campaign van was captured as the episode unfolded because Chase (Chesterfield) was participating by phone in a candidate forum [Tuesday evening] put on by the Virginia Citizens Defense League, a gun-rights group. She was touting her staunch support for the 2nd Amendment when she abruptly excused herself.

BTW, gotta love when Chase says, “I promise this is not staged right now,” because even she must know that her credibility isn’t the greatest. So take this all with a grain of salt, but still…a revealing glimpse into the constantly-under-siege world and mindset of Amanda Chase.


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