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Video: At “America First” Rally in Vero Beach, VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Amanda Chase Declares, “I want Virginia to look like Florida!”

Chase attacks "Democratic Marxist tyrants"; falsely claims 2020 election was stolen; says Trump is still her president; demands "the right president [be] put in office," etc.


See below for video of VA State Senator Amanda Chase, a VA GOP gubernatorial candidate, speaking (about 30 minutes into the video) at the “America First” rally in Vero Beach, FL this morning – featuring Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and an assortment of other far-right figures. A few, er, “highlights” from Chase’s speech include:

  • She declared, “I love our president, Donald J. Trump!” and repeated the Big Lie that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen.”
  • Chase falsely claimed that she’s the “frontrunner” in the Virginia, with just two weeks to go until the May 8 VA GOP “unassembled convention” to pick statewide nominees. In fact, right now it looks like Pete Snyder, Glenn Youngkin and Kirk Cox are all ahead of her…
  • She declared, “I want Virginia to look like Florida,” said she’s “embarrassed” to talk about Virginia, referred to “Blackface Northam,” claimed that Virginians are not “free,” etc, etc.
  • Said she’s a “historical figure” in Virginia, for being censured by the State Senate for publicly stating (falsely) that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen”; for showing up at the January 6, 2021 “Stop the Steal” rally; for denying COVID-19; etc.
  • Claimed that Senate Democrats wanted to “Crucify her! Crucify her! Crucify her!
  • Referred to “Democratic Marxist tyrants” like Nancy Pelosi, claiming that “we the people are in charge of this country and they are not!”
  • Claimed it’s “unAmerican” to “discriminate” against anyone because they refuse to get a vaccine.
  • Said she’s “adopted…we the people as my kids.” Said the women of America are “sick and tired” of kids being “indoctrinated” in public schools, colleges and universities by “critical racist theory,” etc. Said “we are going to make our education great again…put god back in our schools…”
  • Claimed that the president is still Donald J. Trump – “they can call me delusional, they can call me whatever they want.” She added, “Whenever the people are allowed to vote, they will choose Republicans every single time.”
  • Concluded, “We need to get rid of the RINOs…we need to make the Republican Party great again…We are not idiots; we the people know the truth…We want this election fraud dumpster fire disaster exposed; we want criminal prosecutions; we want  a full investigation of this election, we want people held accountable; and we want the right president put in office…And we the people will not shut up…we will not be censured!”


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