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Video: Former RNC/John McCain/Jeb Bush Spokesperson Rips Pete Snyder, Glenn Youngkin For Being “In On the Big Lie” and Thinking It’s All a “Game”

In fact, there's no "reasonable, plausible way" the the Virginia 2020 election was "fraudulent" In any way...


Check out the following video, and as you listen to Tim Miller, keep in mind that he previously worked for the Republican National Committee, John McCain, Jon Huntsman and Jeb Bush. So he’s not exactly a liberal or anything. According to Miller:

“A little about the Virginia governor’s race…You’ve got this Republican primary going on where there is this woman, Amanda Chase, who’s running as ‘Trump in heels’, and then you have these supposedly kind of mainstream business guys who are running against her, and the mainstream business guys are in on the big lie…They both leaked to Fox News their ‘election integrity plan’ about how we’ve got to fix the election integrity in Virginia, where Joe Biden won by 10 points; I mean, there’s no even reasonable, plausible way…to be concerned about [a fraudulent] election in Virginia…These guys see this as a game…Pete Snyder, Glenn Youngkin and all them, they see this as a game, this is what they need to do to get the support of the voters…I think what we saw on 1/6 is this is not a game, this is all deadly serious.”

I’d just add the words “cynical” and “wildly irresponsible” to describe people like Snyder, Youngkin, Cox, etc.  Oh, and also that we’d better make damn sure that none of them are elected in November!


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