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Right-Wing Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Pete Snyder Announces He Raised $6.4 Million in Two Months

This really helps illustrate what Virginia Dems are up against...


See below for a press release from the Pete Snyder for Governor campaign, in which the far-right Republican announces that he raised $6.4 million “during the first two months of his campaign.” Now, one might ask why someone needs that kind of money to run in an “unassembled convention” where a few hundred, or maybe a few thousand, Republican delegates will participate. But regardless, what this shows is that Snyder – if he’s the 2021 Republican gubernatorial nominee – is not going to have any problems raising $$$.  For comparison purposes, the fundraising leader among Democratic gubernatorial candidates, Terry McAuliffe, raised $5.8 million in the most recent reporting period, while runner-up Jennifer Carroll Foy raised $1.1 million. We’ll see how much money Snyder’s rivals – including Glenn Youngkin, who is very wealthy, and Kirk Cox, who seems to be the frontrunner at this point but isn’t personally wealthy – raise, but obviously Snyder isn’t going to lose because he lacks money…

P.S. For some recent stories on Snyder, illustrating why it’s so important that we not allow him anywhere near the Governor’s Mansion, see Video: VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Pete Snyder Vows to “beat up the Democrats, make them black and blue”; In Response to Unified Democratic Condemnation, Virginia Republicans Double Down on Far Right Extremism; Pete Snyder Endorsed For VA Governor by Sarah Huckabee Sander, Trump’s Press Secretary Who Lied Constantly and Defended Anything/Everything Trump Did; VA GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Pete Snyder “Honored” To Be Endorsed by “Real Loony Toon,” Seditionist, COVID Denier, Homophobe, etc. Bob Good; etc.


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