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Monday (5/17) Virginia Data on COVID-19: Lowest 1-Day New COVID Cases Since 4/12/20; Lowest 10-Day New COVID Cases Since 6/25/20

Hospitalizations near lowest point since March 2020


See below for graphics of the newly posted COVID-19 numbers by the Virginia Department of Health and the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association. So, at this point (5/17), in Virginia we’re at 670,456 total reported – confirmed plus probable – cases (note that actual cases, as well as deaths, could be higher, maybe even a LOT higher, based on stories like this one in the NY Times), 29,242 hospitalizations and 11,029 deaths from COVID-19. The number of reported cases went to 272 (+0.04%) in the latest statistics, which is the smallest 1-day increase since last April 12, and down slightly from yesterday’s +280 (+0.04%). As for hospitalizations, they went up 22 (+0.1%), compared to yesterday’s +20 (+0.1%).  Deaths are reported +11 compared to +10 the previous day. The number of PCR-ONLY test results is currently at 7,275,087 (up 8,783 from yesterday).

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