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Video: One of the Most Odious and Extreme People in America, Ted Cruz, Endorses Glenn Youngkin for VA GOP Gubernatorial Nomination

Youngkin continues to redefine himself from a businessman to a hard-core, Trumpian, far-right winger.


On any list of the most odious people in America, you’ve got to include Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX via Cancun). For instance, check out Ted Cruz flies to Cancún as millions of Texans freeze in the dark; A Compendium of People Who Hate Ted Cruz’s Guts (“One thing Ted Cruz is really good at: uniting people who otherwise disagree about everything else in a total hatred of Ted Cruz”); Why Everyone (in Congress) Hates Ted Cruz; Ted Cruz, creepy misogynist: The “hymen” joke that perfectly reflects his odious worldview (“A college-era Cruz tried to get the room laughing with a joke about punishing women for sex. LOL LOL LOL”); Beto O’Rourke: Ted Cruz ‘guilty of sedition’ in Capitol insurrection; Editorial: The shame of Texas – Ted Cruz, Ken Paxton and the Seditious 16; You’re not supposed to say that out loud, Ted Cruz (“A senator is not only suggesting that he may ice out an affected constituency when developing policy, but also that he understands that both access and contributions can be used as leverage against them.”); Cruz spearheads anti-science push (“As international climate talks continue, Ted Cruz had an idea: hold a Senate hearing rejecting climate science.”); Ted Cruz tried to mock AOC’s scientific knowledge – it didn’t end well; etc.

We could go on all day – there are literally hundreds of articles demonstrating how horrible this guy is – but for now, we’ll just point out that Cruz has endorsed Glenn Youngkin for the Virginia Republican gubernatorial nomination next Saturday. According to Cruz:

“Glenn is pro-life. He’s a gun owner. He’s a defender of religious liberty,” Cruz said. “If you’ve ever spent time with him, you know that he’s the real deal. A Christian, a family man who has his priorities straight, and a guy with common sense.”

For his part, Youngkin calls it “such an honor” to be endorsed by a guy who the Republican Accountability Project recently gave an “F/Very Poor” grade, as a result of Cruz:

  • “[having] been one of Trump’s most loyal enablers, going so far as to support efforts to overturn the election during the certification of the Electoral College.”
  • “Following the election…continu[ing] to perpetuate the lie that voter fraud was rampant and changed the outcome of the election.”

So, bottom line: this endorsement could help Youngkin among the hardcore, right-wing Republican “base” voting next Saturday, but what does it say about: a) Youngkin; b) the Republican “base” at this point?

P.S. A late February/early March poll by YouGov had Cruz at 34%-52% approval, with 42% “very unfavorable,” among U.S. adults. Among Democrats, Cruz was at 13%-79% (including 71% “very unfavorable”) and 34%-53% among independents. But among Republicans, he’s very popular, at 65%-24%, with 42% “very favorable.” So…yeah, this endorsement almost certainly helps Youngkin with the VA GOP nomination, but not so much for the general election…


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