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Wason Center Poll: Virginia Voters “largely support Democratic policy proposals”

Voters strongly support Medicare for all-that-want-it (76%); pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants (73%); renewable energy investments (82%); a wealth tax (69%); etc.


See below for a bunch of interesting information about Virginia voters, courtesy of a poll by the Wason Center for Civic Leadership Survey Research Lab at Christopher Newport University.  According to the Wason Center:

“These findings reveal a political danger zone between policy and ideology,” said Wason Center Research Director Dr. Rebecca Bromley-Trujillo. “That will become a war zone as this year’s election for governor and House of Delegates tests whether the Democrats moved too far and too fast with a progressive legislative agenda since they won full control two years ago.” 

Some of the policy proposals surveyed:

      • Health care: Medicare for all, or for all who want it? Repeal and replace Obamacare?
      • Immigration: A pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants? Dreamers? More spending on border security?
      • Green New Deal? Government spending to address climate change? Cap and trade?
      • A wealth tax on income over $1 million? Minimum wage to $15 per hour?
      • What’s the main problem in the U.S. economy: unfairness in the system or over-regulation?

Where do you fall on these questions? For me, it looks like I’m in the majority on almost  all questions. One definite exception is that I don’t support putting stricter limits on LEGAL immigration to the United States, as we actually need more legal immigration to do a lot of jobs as our population ages and as our birth rate stays low. Also, I strongly oppose offshore drilling for oil and natural gas, given the climate crisis and also many other adverse environmental impacts of fossil fuel exploration/production, plus the fact that the pure economics increasingly favor *clean energy*. Other than that, I’m in the majority – in many cases the overwhelming majority – on issue after issue. So how is that Democrats are “radical” or “extreme” in any way, as Republican politicians claim, when we’re in the majority or large majority on issue after issue? It makes no sense whatsoever.

P.S. Also note that a Wason Center poll in February 2021 found strong support for paid sick leave, public sector collective bargaining and unions, increased social services spending, etc. So basically, voters support Democratic policies almost across the board, often by large margins. So why don’t Democrats win every election? Because a lot of people buy Republicans’ *lies* about Democrats, and because Democrats don’t push back effectively enough?


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