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DLCC Announces Second Round of Virginia Spotlight Candidates

"Democrats have momentum as the general election campaign kicks off "


From the DLCC:

DLCC Announces Second Round of Virginia Spotlight Candidates

Democrats have momentum as the general election campaign kicks off 

WASHINGTON — With the general election campaign now underway, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee is announcing its second slate of Spotlight Candidates who will keep Virginia blue this November. Since flipping the General Assembly in 2019, Democrats have been hard at work making progress for Virginians. These candidates are ready to kick off the general election to defend that majority and continue fighting for their communities.  

“Since winning the majority, Democrats have made historic progress for the commonwealth, making me proud to be a Virginia voter,” said DLCC President Jessica Post. “It’s our number one priority this year to defend this majority, and these incredible candidates are prepared to stand up for their communities and keep Virginia moving forward.”  

Here are the second slate of DLCC’s Spotlight Candidates who will help Democrats defend the majority this fall:  

  • Delegate Candi King (HD-02): Since winning one of the first special elections in 2021, Candi King has worked for Virginians. She helped secure pay raises for teachers and state and local employees, and helped pass  a campaign promise of paid sick leave to health care workers. 
  • Debra Gardner (HD-27): A dedicated public servant with over 30 years of experience fighting for the needs of her community, Debra Gardner is committed to bringing this same energy to fight for fair wages, investment in quality education, and an equitable justice system. 
  • Delegate Elizabeth Guzman (HD-31): Elizabeth Guzman came to the United States from Peru with only $300 in her pocket and has since worked tirelessly to ensure every Virginians’ success, passing 24 bills in her first three years in office.  
  • Michelle Maldonado (HD-50): A small business owner and former attorney, Michelle Maldonado is a fierce advocate for the economic prosperity of all Virginians. She supports livable wages for all workers and free community college.
  • Briana Sewell (HD-51): As a former district director, Briana Sewell is ready to use her experience assisting community members to fight for her constituents as a Virginia delegate. She’s determined to address climate change and preserve the environment for future Virginians. 
  • Katie Sponsler (HD-66): Katie Sponsler has devoted her life to serving this nation, having been both an airman in the US Air Force and a park ranger in the National Park Service. As a mother of two kids on the autism spectrum, Katie knows everyday Virginians’ struggles all too well and will not stop fighting for equitable access to health care for everyone in the commonwealth.
  • Delegate Dawn Adams (HD-68): As Virginia Democrats’ only openly lesbian delegate and a nurse practioner, Dawn Adams has fought to pass legislation to increase Virginians’ access to health care. She’s running for reelection to ensure that all Virginians have the necessary support and opportunities to thrive.
  • Jeffrey Feld (HD-81): A resident of Virginia Beach for nearly 20 years, Jeffrey Feld understands the needs of his community and is prepared to fight for them. He’s running to prepare Virginians for crises by ensuring access to affordable health care and combating climate change-related flooding. 
  • Kim Melnyk (HD-84): Kim Melnyk is a former teacher who helped raise teacher pay and implement all-day kindergarten as vice chair of the Virginia Beach School Board. A champion for the issues that matter most to Virginia Beach families, she’s running to bring resources into the community to combat the effects of climate change. 
  • Delegate Mike Mullin (HD-93): Michael Mullin worked tirelessly for his community during his first year in office, passing more bills than any other freshman legislator that year. He has a long track record of fighting for Virginians, passing more than 30+ bills into law on issues from abolishing the death penalty to raising pay for teachers. 
  • Finale Johnson Norton (HD-100): Born and raised in the district, Finale Johnson Norton is ready to fight for working families, students and the environment on day one. She supports legislation that ensures clean drinking water and clean energy and fair pay for workers. 

Protecting the Democratic majority in the House of Delegates is essential to preventing far-right extremists in the Virginia GOP from erasing progress in the commonwealth and attacking our democracy. 


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