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New TV Ad By McAuliffe Campaign Highlights Glenn Youngkin’s Disgraceful Focus on “Election Integrity” and Loyalty to Donald Trump


From the McAuliffe for governor campaign:

Terry for Virginia Releases New TV Ad Highlighting Glenn Youngkin’s Focus on “Election Integrity” and Loyalty to Donald Trump

On Heels of Calls for Youngkin to Withdraw from “Election Integrity” Rally, New Ad Reminds Virginians of Glenn’s Priorities and His Unwavering Support of Donald Trump “In His Own Words”

MCLEAN, VA – Terry for Virginia today launched its second television ad of the general election, “In His Own Words,” using Glenn Youngkin’s own words to remind voters about his support for a Trump-style election integrity plan and his unwavering support of Trump himself. In the ad, Youngkin calls his “election integrity” plan, based on Donald Trump’s conspiracy theory about the 2020 election, “the most important issue,” and states that Donald Trump “represents so much of why” he is running. The ad will begin airing today in the Washington, D.C., Richmond, and Hampton Roads media markets, and comes on the heels of Terry McAuliffe’s call on Glenn Youngkin to withdraw from an “election integrity” rally being hosted by Capitol riot insurrectionists next week.

Glenn Youngkin has focused his entire candidacy on divisive conspiracy theories, promoting Donald Trump’s lies, and trying to hide his out-of-touch views from Virginians. Youngkin launched his campaign on his “election integrity” plan, calling it “the most important issue,” and then spent months denying that Joe Biden was duly elected president. At a time when Virginians are squarely focused on rebuilding our economy, creating more good-paying jobs, and lowering the rising costs of health care, Glenn Youngkin’s top priority is pleasing Trump and doing his bidding.


Narrator: Growing our economy, that’s job number one but not for Glenn Youngkin.
Glenn Youngkin: Our election integrity task force was launched week one. This is the most important issue we’re going to talk about.
Narrator: For Youngkin, the most important issue isn’t jobs, it’s repeating Donald Trump’s lies. Youngkin even said:
Glenn Youngkin: President Trump represents so much of why I’m running.
Narrator: No wonder Trump gave Youngkin his complete and total endorsement.
Narrator: Glenn Youngkin, he’d take Virginia backwards.


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