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NEW VIDEO: “Glenn Youngkin’s Ditch” Highlights His Desperate Attacks About Virginia’s Strong Economy

In fact, under Democratic leadership, Virginia is America’s top state for business


From the Terry McAuliffe for Governor campaign:

NEW VIDEO: Glenn Youngkin’s Ditch
New Video Highlights Glenn Youngkin’s Desperate Attacks About Virginia’s Strong Economy and the Great Economic Record of Terry McAuliffe and Governor Ralph Northam 
MCLEAN, VA – Terry for Virginia released a new video today featuring the desperate attacks Glenn Youngkin is making on Virginia’s economy. Despite Glenn’s claims that Virginia’s economy is in a “ditch,” the reality is Virginians are facing a strong and growing economy thanks to the leadership over the past eight years of Terry McAuliffe, Governor Ralph Northam and the Democratic leadership in Virginia.

Earlier this week, CNBC ranked Virginia as the best state to do business in the U.S. The reasons are clear: for the past eight years, Terry McAuliffe and Governor Ralph Northam have fought to create a stronger economy that lifts up everyone and keeps our state open and welcoming to all. Virginians have emerged from an unprecedented economic crisis from this pandemic, and Terry will make sure that Virginia will rebuild stronger than ever before.

Meanwhile, Glenn Youngkin’s right-wing agenda will put Virginia’s progress at risk. His anti-LGBTQ+, anti-women, anti-voting rights agenda will jeopardize our economic progress and, as Glenn would say, will “drive Virginia into the ditch.”


Glenn Youngkin: I’m having a Virginia crisis….our Commonwealth is in the ditch.
Glenn Youngkin: They drive Virginia into the ditch.
Glenn Youngkin: Virginia is in the ditch.
News Anchor: Now it’s finally time to reveal America’s top state for business 2021.
News Voiceover: The winner and still champion….Virginia! The Old Dominion! Our first ever back to back winner.
Governor Northam: Terry McAuliffe…he was the architect of the New Virginia Economy.
News Anchor: Terry McAuliffe, announcing dozens of new jobs.
News Voiceover: A new multi-million dollar investment in Southwest Virginia.
News Anchor: New jobs area being brought to the area.
Glenn Youngkin: Virginia’s economy was stalling out prior to the pandemic.
News Voiceover: Our studies show Virginia on top….going into the pandemic, and coming out. Virginia…America’s top state for business 2021.
Terry McAuliffe: I’m Terry McAuliffe, candidate for governor, and I sponsored this ad.


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