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Hala Ayala For LG on Winsome Sears “doubl[ing] down on her extreme views and join[ing] ‘Audit the Vote’ protesters outside of the State Capitol today”

This should be completely disqualifying.


From the Hala Ayala for Lt. Gov. campaign…this should be 100% disqualifying for Winsome Sears.

Hala For Virginia Responds To Winsome Sears Joining “Audit the Vote” Rally Goers in Richmond

WOODBRIDGE, VA — One week after Delegate Hala Ayala, Democratic Nominee for Lieutenant Governor, called on extreme Republican candidate Winsome Sears to disavow dangerous “election integrity” myths, Sears joined an “Audit the Vote” protest outside of the State Capitol. In response, Veronica Ingham, Hala for Virginia campaign manager, released the following statement:

“It’s been one week since Delegate Hala Ayala called on Winsome Sears to disavow Donald Trump’s Big Lie and drop out of the dangerous ‘election integrity’ rally this weekend. Instead, Sears doubled down on her extreme views and joined ‘Audit the Vote’ protesters outside of the State Capitol today.”

“While Sears goes around spreading lies to undermine our democracy, Delegate Ayala is hard at work during the General Assembly Special Session. She remains focused on doing the people’s work and supporting Virginia’s small businesses, students, and families through the allocation of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan funding.”

[Extreme Republican candidate Winsome Sears joins “Audit the Vote” rally goers in Richmond]


Delegate Hala Ayala is running for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia with a vision for a strong, just, and prosperous future for the Commonwealth. Ayala, who would be the first woman and first Afro-Latina to hold the position, embodies the bridge between Virginia’s past and its future, as well as the bridge between struggle and success that many Virginia families face. Learn more at HalaForVirginia.com

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