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New Polling Finds Virginia Voters Strongly Support the PRO Act’s Worker Protections

Currently, "America’s labor laws are broken"


Interesting –  see below new polling data, on the “PRO Act,” from Hart Research Associates in partnership with the Worker Power Coalition. With regard to Sen. Mark Warner’s position on the PRO Act, see Video: Sen. Mark Warner Says He Supports “Vast Majority” of PRO Act, But It Needs to Recognize “Changing Nature of Work” From a “1980s Type of Economy” That’s Not Coming Back.


Virginians overwhelmingly support the PRO Act by a 43 point margin according to new polling conducted by Hart Research Associates in partnership with the Worker Power Coalition

The Worker Power Coalition, including more than 40 powerhouse progressive organizations and their members, are demanding Senator Mark Warner a pass the PRO Act

VIRGINIA —  Virginia voters across party lines overwhelmingly support the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, according to new polling data from Hart Research Associates in partnership with the Worker Power Coalition.

According to the poll, Virginia residents were more than twice as likely to support the PRO Act than oppose it after learning some of the bill’s key provisions. The bill holds a 65% approval rate among all Virginians, while only 22% oppose.

Just 32% of Virginia voters say they trust employers a great deal or quite a bit to treat their employees fairly, while 66% trust them just some or not much at all. 

The PRO Act would protect workers’ right to advocate for themselves on the job, allowing working people to demand fair pay, safe working conditions and time off to spend with their families. The bill’s provision to increase penalties for corporations who retaliate against workers had 82% favorability among Arizonans, and 71% of Arizonans favored making it easier for employees to join a union.

“America’s labor laws are broken,” said Jernay Wallace, a Virginia rideshare driver and member of Drive United. “Gig workers were not a part of the equation when labor laws were written, but we are now and we deserve to have safe and fair working conditions and a government that protects our right to organize.”

Virginia Senator Mark Kelly is one of three Democratic holdouts on this landmark labor legislation. Among their constituents, the PRO Act draws remarkably broad support across partisan and ideological lines.

The Worker Power Coalition is led by progressive heavy hitters MoveOn, Indivisible and Working Families Party, and includes the Economic Policy Institute, Sunrise Movement, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, United for Respect, Rideshare Drivers United, Jobs for Justice, People’s Action, Pride at Work, American Sustainable Business Council, Democratic Socialists of America and more. It also boasts the backing of major labor organizations and unions like the Communications Workers of America, International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT), Service Employees International Union, and United Auto Workers.


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