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Friday (9/3) Virginia Data on COVID-19: With Delta Now Dominant, Hospitalizations (1,892) at Highest Level Since Mid February, 10-Day New Cases (+33,980) Highest Since Mid February


See below for graphics of the newly posted COVID-19 numbers by the Virginia Department of Health and the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association. So, at this point (9/3) in Virginia we’re at 778,167 total reported – confirmed plus probable – cases (note that actual cases, as well as deaths, could be higher, maybe even a LOT higher, based on stories like this one in the NY Times), 34,026 hospitalizations and 11,899 deaths from COVID-19. The number of reported cases was +4,070 (+0.53%) compared to +4,255 (+0.55%) in yesterday’s stats  [NOTE: VDH isn’t publicly updating its stats on the weekends anymore, for whatever reasons…frustrating for keeping an accurate count of the statistics, for creating graphics that make sense, and also premature given that the pandemic most certainly isn’t over!]. As for hospitalizations, they went up 132 (+0.39%), compared to +86 (+0.25%) in yesterday’s stats.  Deaths are reported +20, compared to +18 in yesterday’s stats. The number of PCR-ONLY test results is currently at 8,639,578 (up 30,678 since yesterday).

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