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New Digital Ad: Terry For Virginia Releases New Digital Ad “Disqualifying” Calling Out Glenn Youngkin’s Anti-Vaxx Rhetoric


From the McAuliffe for Governor campaign:

NEW DIGITAL AD: Terry For Virginia Releases New Digital Ad “Disqualifying” Calling Out Glenn Youngkin’s Anti-Vaxx Rhetoric

Terry McAuliffe: “I think that’s life threatening…and I think that’s disqualifying as governor”

MCLEAN, VA – Terry for Virginia today released a new digital ad “Disqualifying” calling out Glenn Youngkin for spreading anti-vaccine rhetoric. The ad features numerous clips of Glenn Youngkin questioning the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine and encouraging students to fill out exception forms to avoid getting vaccinated for non-medical, non-religious reasons. Youngkin’s own words make it clear that he is not a leader who will get Virginia out of this pandemic. Instead, Youngkin will continue to drive Donald Trump’s right-wing agenda and put Virginia’s families in harm’s way – once again demonstrating he is unfit to be governor.

Just this month, Virginia doctors penned a letter to Glenn Youngkin stating that he was undermining COVID-19 safety measures by peddling anti-vaccine rhetoric. Terry McAuliffe, however, will always follow the science on COVID-19 and keep Virginia families safe and students safely in the classroom. Last week, Terry proposed a new plan to tackle the COVID-19 crisis, keep schools open and safe, and expand access to child care and out-of-school activities. Terry knows that in order to keep Virginia’s economy strong, schools open, and communities safe, every eligible Virginian must be vaccinated against COVID-19.



Glenn Youngkin: This is a vaccine that people don’t fully, fully understand yet.

Glenn Youngkin: If someone doesn’t want to get the vaccine, for whatever reason, and there are lots of good reasons…

Glenn Youngkin: If you want it take it, if you don’t want it, don’t take it.

Glenn Youngkin: One of the things I encourage folks, is if they do have an exception policy… I encourage people to fill it out and stand up for your exception.

Glenn Youngkin: I would not require a vaccine in order to continue to work for Virginia.

Terry McAuliffe: I think that’s life threatening, and I think that’s disqualifying as governor.

Terry McAuliffe: I want everyone to be vaccinated here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


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