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2021 Election Record 93,257 Votes Cast Saturday in Virginia, Up to 1,139,503 Early Votes Cast

336k from "blue" Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun, Arlington and Alexandria, plus another 73k from "blue" Henrico and Richmond


There are some technical difficulties with the Department of Elections and VPAP this morning, so we’ll keep updating this early voting thread as more information, tweets (from Sam Shirazi, etc.) and graphics come in.

  • On Saturday, the final day of early/in-person voting, there were 93,257 votes cast early/in-person, a new record for this election, easily smashing through Friday’s total of 78,783 early/in-person votes cast.
  • A total of 1,139,503 early votes have been cast so far (plus however many mail ballot applications are still outstanding…we’ll see how many are ultimately returned by the close of election day on 11/2). This compares to 2,817,794 early votes cast in the 2020 presidential election. Again, however, more mail ballots will be coming in, so the 1,139,503 figure is not final.
  • According to VPAP, early votes cast so far by jurisdiction include: Fairfax County 155,205; Chesterfield County 67,203; Prince William County 59,087; Loudoun County 56,882; Virginia Beach 53,862; Henrico County 45,926; Arlington County 40,422; Chesapeake 38,636; Richmond City 26,555; Alexandria 23,983; James City County 21,498; Hanover County 20,494; Norfolk 19,166; Spotsylvania County 18,774; Albemarle County 18,575; Stafford County 16,803; Hampton 16,054; Newport News 15,790; Roanoke County 14,885; Fauquier County 12,856; Montgomery County 11,296; Roanoke City 10,886
  • By CD, looking at ALL early votes (in-person, by-mail, mail ballot applications, it goes like this: VA10 (144,714); VA08 (132,607); VA07 (135,430); VA01 (131,298); VA11 (119,153); VA04 (118,034); VA05 (106,147); VA06 (99,559); VA03 (86,983); VA09 (74,759). So…we’re not at 48.1% from the “blue” CDs, 32.9% from the “red” CDs, 19.0% from the “purple” CDs.
  • By CD, looking at in-person early votes only, it goes like this: VA07 (97,000); VA10 (95,635); VA01 (95,486); VA04 (88,219); VA08 (78,669); VA05 (77,171); VA06 (74,098); VA02 (70,080); VA11 (69,215); VA03 (56,626); VA09 (56,372)
  • By CD, looking at by-mail early votes only, it goes like this: VA08 (36,210); VA10 (34,655); VA11 (34,552); VA07 (28,813); VA01 (27,029); VA02 (23,200); VA03 (21,689); VA05 (21,546); VA04 (21,498); VA06 (19,756); VA09 (14,636)



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