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DNC Blankets Mar-a-Lago with Ads to Ask One Question: “Why Won’t Glenn Youngkin Let Trump Campaign in Virginia?”

So, "is Donald Trump comfortable getting played for a fool?"


From the DNC:

DNC Blankets Mar-a-Lago with Ads to Ask One Question: “Why Won’t Glenn Youngkin Let Trump Campaign in Virginia?”

The Democratic National Committee this weekend is airing a series of ads by land, air, and sea near Donald Trump’s residence at Mar-a-Lago to put one question in front of him — why won’t Glenn Youngkin let Trump come to Virginia to campaign for him?

In the wake of this week’s controversial campaign rally for Youngkin that Trump called into, the DNC brought a floating billboard to South Florida that highlights Trump’s endorsement of Youngkin and asks “Why won’t Glenn Youngkin let Trump campaign in Virginia?” Meanwhile, a mobile billboard with the same advertisement is also driving around Mar-a-Lago for five days, and a plane flew near the resort today with an ad asking a similar question. Images and photos of all the ads are copied below.

“Glenn Youngkin’s campaign strategy is to pray that he can adopt Donald Trump’s dangerous conspiracy theories, play footsie with Trump’s voters, and adopt the mantle of Trumpism without having to be seen with the worst-performing Republican presidential candidate in Virginia for over 70 years,” said DNC Chair Jaime Harrison. “But is Donald Trump comfortable getting played for a fool? We’re blanketing Mar-a-Lago with ads by land, air and sea because Donald Trump needs to answer one question: ‘Why won’t Glenn Youngkin let you campaign with him?’”

Trump has offered his full-throated endorsement to Youngkin repeatedly, including again at a Wednesday rally for Youngkin’s campaign where attendees notably pledged allegiance to a flag that was used at the January 6 insurrection. For his part, Youngkin has welcomed the endorsement, saying earlier in the campaign that Trump “represents so much of why I’m running.”

Actions speak louder than words, however, and Youngkin has not appeared with Trump on the campaign trail, nor invited Trump to hold an in-person rally for him in the commonwealth, where the former president hasn’t had an event in nearly a year. After all, Trump lost Virginia twice, earning the lowest margin of support for a Republican candidate in Virginia since 1944. Embracing Trump and his toxic, far-right conspiracy theories would likely prevent Youngkin from winning in November.


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