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Final Fundraising Reports For Virginia 2021 Candidates


See below, per VPAP, for the “last full accounting of [Virginia candidates’] campaign finances before Election Day. The disclosures cover activity from October 1 through October 21.” I’ll add more later, but these are some of the most competitive statewide and House of Delegates races…


HD10: Democratic Del. Wendy Gooditis vs. Republican Nick Clemente

HD12: Democratic Del. Chris Hurst vs. Republican Jason Ballard

HD75: Democratic Del. Roslyn Tyler vs. Republican Otto Wachsmann

HD85: Democratic Del. Alex Askew vs. Republican Karen Greenhalgh



HD100: Democrat Finale Norton vs. Republican Del. Rob Bloxom

HD40: Democratic Del. Dan Helmer vs. Republican Harold Pyon

HD84: Democrat Kim Melnyk vs. Republican Del. Glenn Davis

HD73: Democratic Del. Rodney Willett vs. Republican Mary Margaret Kastelberg

HD83: Democratic Del. Nancy Guy vs. Republican Tim Anderson

HD66: Democrat Katie Sponsler vs. Republican Mike Cherry

HD51: Democrat Briana Sewell vs. Republican Tim Cox

HD50: Democrat Michelle Maldonado vs. Republican Steve Pleickhardt



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