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Jennifer Carroll Foy’s “Virginia For Everyone” Announces New Initiative to Hold Democratic Majority in House of Delegates, Support Democrats Up and Down the Ticket


Of course, if we lived in a sane world, after four years of Trump – including two impeachments (both well-deserved!) an attempted insurrection/coup on January 6, 2021, plus of course the continued perpetuation of the “Big Lie,” unhinged extremism, etc, etc. – the Virginia governor’s race (against Trump-endorsed Glenn Youngkin, plus extremists Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares and numerous horrible House of Delegates candidates) shouldn’t even be close. Also, given that Ralph Northam won the 2017 governor’s race by 9 points, and that Joe Biden won Virginia by 10 points, again this shouldn’t even be close. And yet, the latest polling average has Terry McAuliffe up just 2.5 points, which obviously is waaaaayyyy too close for comfort.

So what’s going on here? A few things, including: 1) this always tends to happen after a new president takes office, with Virginia swinging the OPPOSITE direction (happened strongly in 2009 and 2017); 2) Republicans are “fired up,” albeit for all the wrong reasons; 3) Democrats and the “Resistance,” who were so impressive in fighting Trump when he was in the White House, don’t seem to be as energetic/active as they were from 2017 through 2020; 4) Glenn Youngkin is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, which he’s using to spew out lies, distortions, etc. Frustrating.

Anyway, the key now – with just 2 1/2 weeks to go – is what we can do about this situation, in order to make sure Virginia doesn’t go lurching backwards under Republican misrule (after the past two years of Democrats changing the state for the FAR better)? The most important thing, of course, is to VOTE – and to remind everyone you know to vote. Second, if you can summon up the enthusiasm, is to dig out your canvassing shoes from the closet and knock some doors (or make some calls, send some postcards, etc.). Third is to cheer on initiatives like the one, described below in a press release this morning, by former Delegate (and 2020 Democratic gubernatorial candidate) Jennifer Carroll Foy – with her “Virginia for Everyone” PAC announcing “plans to knock 35,000 doors in key districts across the Commonwealth in a final push before election day to help get progressive candidates across the finish line.” Good stuff!

By the way, kudos to Carroll Foy for staying involved and engaged, and for helping to inject a much-needed dose of enthusiasm into Virginia Democrats with election day (11/2) looming. Thanks!

Jennifer Carroll Foy’s Virginia For Everyone Announces New Initiative to Hold Democratic Majority in House of Delegates, Support Democrats Up and Down the Ticket

Virginia for Everyone to Knock 35,000 Doors in Final Push to Support Battleground Candidates

Woodbridge, VA – Today, Virginia for Everyone announced a new program, “Keep the Majority,” to help maintain Democratic control of the Virginia House of Delegates. Virginia for Everyone, a PAC led by Jennifer Carroll Foy, announced its plans to knock 35,000 doors in key districts across the Commonwealth in a final push before election day to help get progressive candidates across the finish line. Further, the PAC is spearheading an effort to increase voter turnout by engaging with voters in a push to elect Democrats up and down the ticket.

“There is so much on the line for Virginians in November — economic recovery, affordable health care, gender equality, racial equity, and so much more. The only way to build on the progress we made in the House of Delegates is to keep it blue. That’s why Virginia for Everyone is investing in key House campaigns and supporting candidates, like Terry McAuliffe, Hala Ayala, and Mark Herring who will make Virginia an even better place to live, work, and raise a family.  I’m proud to stand with these candidates and look forward to celebrating their win in November,” said Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy, founder of Virginia for Everyone. “Virginia for Everyone is proud to work alongside on-the-ground Democratic organizations in service of our shared goal of keeping Virginia blue. We’re getting it done in Virginia together.”

Over the course of the final three weeks before the election, Virginia for Everyone will knock 35,000 doors in support of:

Wendy Gooditis (HD10)

Dan Helmer (HD40)

Elizabeth Guzman (HD31)

Joshua Cole (HD28)

Danica Roem (HD13)

Kecia Evans (HD88)

Virginia For Everyone PAC has also supported the following candidates with field and fundraising support:

Jennifer Kitchen (HD25)

Nadarius Clark (HD79)

Finale Norton (HD100)

Derek Kitts (HD7)

Briana Sewell (HD51)

Kelly Fowler (HD21)

Blakely Lockhart (HD56)

Bridgette Craighead (HD9)

Kecia Evans: “Virginia For Everyone has been a phenomenal supporter of our campaign.  The biggest hurdle of running for office is navigating the politics and getting introduced to the right people who make action happen. Through guidance, support, and helping us reach our voter contact goals, they’ve been an invaluable asset. The leadership and energy that the Hon. Jennifer Carroll Foy brings as the face of Virginia For Everyone has helped our campaign make tremendous strides and we look forward to reaping the fruits of our labor this November!”

Wendy Gooditis: “Virginia for Everyone’s commitment to ensuring that our Commonwealth is a welcoming place for all is admirable, and Jennifer Carroll Foy’s dedication  to fight for candidates up and down the ballot ensures our continued progress for Virginia families. It is an honor to have Virginia for Everyone’s support in my reelection as we continue to build on the progress made and move Virginia forward.”

Dan Helmer: “There is so much at stake with this year’s election. We need everyone to go out and vote because women deserve to make their own healthcare decisions, students and teachers deserve to go to school safely, and domestic abusers should never be able to access a firearm,” said Delegate Dan Helmer. “The work that Virginia for Everyone is doing is so critical, and I’m grateful for their partnership in helping turn out voters throughout the 40th District and across the Commonwealth.”

Elizabeth Guzman: “We know field and direct voter contact is incredibly important in off-year elections, which is why I’m grateful for the critical support Virginia for Everyone has provided our campaign. Thanks to their hard work we’ve been able to have more conversations with voters about how we’ve improved the lives of Virginia’s working families. I’m grateful for their support.”

Josh Cole: “Jennifer Carroll Foy’s Virginia For Everyone is mobilizing voters in my district to get to the polls so we can keep the Democratic majority and continue to increase affordable healthcare, housing, and higher education for all.”

Danica Roem: “Thank you so much to former Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy and everyone at Virginia for Everyone for all of your work to talk to thousands of my constituents here in the 13th District. The quality conversations we had at the doors in 2017 and 2019 ensured our victories then and they will again this Nov. 2. Jennifer Carroll Foy and I trained, ran, won, served and delivered results for Prince William County together and we’re continuing to do the work for a more inclusive commonwealth together today. Thanks again to her team and everyone hustling so hard to keep our Democratic majority this fall.”


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