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Video: At Rally with Terry McAuliffe, VP Kamala Harris Says “Four Years Is a Long Time,” as We Just Saw with Trump, So Make Sure You VOTE!

VP Harris: "we will not be distracted, dissuaded or deterred - this election is too important!"


See below for video and photos of VP Kamala Harris rallying for Terry McAuliffe in Dumfries/Prince William County. A few highlights from the remarks include:

  • Terry McAuliffe said “everything is at risk that we fought for over the course of the past eight years…[eight years ago] our state had the most anti-women, anti-gay, anti-environment, anti-immigrant, pro-gun legislation in the United States…I made Virginia open and welcoming…My message was clear – we are an open…welcoming state, and look what happened, our economy took off…That’s what you get with good Democratic leadership…” He talked about his plans on education, health care, etc., and said he’s ready to take Virginia “to the next level.”
  • McAuliffe said that Youngkin’s “not a reasonable Republican,” but is a “Trump acolyte” who claims “election integrity” is the most important issue facing Virginia. McAuliffe correctly pointed out that that’s the Trump conspiracy theory about the 2020 election. But have no illusions – “Joe Biden was elected president and Kamala Harris was elected VP.” McAuliffe also said that Youngkin wants to bring Texas-style abortion laws to Virginia, urging women to get out to vote and vowing to be a “brick wall” to protect women’s reproductive rights in Virginia.” McAuliffe also said he’s running against an anti-vaxxer who doesn’t even believe a nurse working in a cancer ward has to be vaccinated.
  • VP Kamala Harris said what she wants for her birthday is for Terry McAuliffe to be elected governor of Virginia. Harris argued that four years can be a very long time for a lot of bad things to happen, that we just experienced that with Trump. Also, this election is about Virginia but also about our nation. She said we will not be distracted, dissuaded or deterred – this election is too important, including about the right of women to make decisions regarding their own bodies. She urged voters “don’t Texas Virginia!” She also emphasized workers’ right, the climate crisis, criminal justice reform, that we are a nation of immigrants…and that it really matters who’s governor (in this case, Terry McAuliffe)!


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