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Video: “Morning Joe” Says Glenn Youngkin Is “Scared to Come on the Show,” Offers To Moderate Debate; Terry McAuliffe Says YES – “Anytime, Anywhere!”

"Morning Joe" says Youngkin lying about "Critical Race Theory" appears "nefarious"; McAuliffe rips Youngkin as "someone with anti-vax rhetoric on Trump radio shows every day"


See below for video and highlights from this morning’s appearance by Terry McAuliffe on “Morning Joe.”

  • Joe Scarborough asked why Glenn Youngkin keeps bringing up “Critical Race Theory,” even though “it’s not even taught in Virginia schools,” noting that Youngkin doing so seems “nefarious.” McAuliffe responded that Youngkin has been “fact checked over and over that he’s lying about this…and it really bothers me, Joe, when people and politicians do this to bring out the worst in people; he’s trying to stir up parents against parents, he’s using students as political pawns…and it’s a racist dog whistle…It’s sick, it’s sad, but you know what, we dealt with Trump for four years, we finally beat him…I ran both presidential campaigns here in Virginia and we crushed him, and I’m going to do it again; Donald Trump is on the ballot here in 13 days…because Youngkin is Trump, they’re the same thing. Youngkin doesn’t have an original thoughtwhatever Trump does, he does….I want to beat him again for the third time, Trump’s going down, because people want a leader to come in and unite…what’s in the best interests of the citizens in Virginia…I want to move us forward…in a bipartisan way and unite people, Glenn Youngkin divides people.”
  • “I’ve put out 20 very serious policy proposals, 166 pages on education, on healthcare, on lifting up Black Virginians, on rebuilding the economy…We’ve got to work on childcare, we’ve got to make sure the minimum wage is up…None of this will happen if our schools don’t stay open, and Glenn Youngkin has said Day 1 if he’s elected, masks come off and the vaccination requirement for teachers goes away. Really? You’re a parent with a 6 or 7 year old going to first grade, they can’t get vaccinated yet, and you’re going to send him with a teacher that’s not vaccinated, not wearing a mask? Are you kidding me?…This…is disqualifying to be governor of a great stateHaving someone with anti-vax rhetoric on Trump radio shows every day is not the way to do it.”
  • On whether parents should tell schools what to teach, McAuliffe said he’s been very involved in the education of his five children. He said you have school boards and if you don’t like them, you vote them out. McAuliffe said Youngkin would take money from public schools and give it to private schools. McAuliffe argued, “I was the education governor…I put a record $1 billion into our schools…got rid of five standardized tests…we want critical reasoning…can you figure out a problem…Of course [parents] do have a say, they elect school boards…We have a great education system here in Virginia…Parents ARE very involved, just as I was involved.”
  • Joe Scarborough said that Youngkin is “avoiding us, he’s scared to come on the show.” Scarborough offered to do a debate between Youngkin and McAuliffe, and McAuliffe immediately accepted, adding “you are running for governor, he’s got to quit hiding…how can you not answer tough questions?

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