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Video: After Failing to Draw New District Lines for the General Assembly, the VA Redistricting Commission Teeters on the Edge of Failure on US House Lines as Well

Great job by everyone who advocated for Amendment 1 last year! (snark)


After nearly collapsing a couple weeks ago, due to its failed attempts at drawing new lines for the Virginia House of Delegates and State Senate, the Virginia Redistricting Commission fiasco continued this morning, as you can see in the video and tweets, below.  So at this point, the chances of the Commission managing to draw new lines for Virginia’s 11 U.S. House of Representatives districts seem somewhere between “low” and “nil.” Anyway, just remember that last year, a bunch of us warned MANY MANY times (over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again) that this redistricting amendment was fatally flawed and that everyone should vote no. Unfortunately, the majority of voters fell for a bunch of dishonest propaganda (e.g., that it would “end gerrymandering,” that the politicians wouldn’t be in charge anymore, blah blah blah) by 1VA2021 and its big-money, out-of-state donors, plus a lot of “terminally naive” people, plus Republicans of course, plus Senate Democratic “leadership” (using that word very loosely), etc. It’s really unfortunate, because as we warned last year, now this whole thing’s probably likely to end up with the conservative-leaning Virginia Supreme Court. Is that what Virginia voters really wanted? I highly, highly doubt it. UGH.



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