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Virginia Early Voting As of 10/1: “Blue” Areas Like VA08/NoVA Leading, “Red” Areas Like VA09/SWVA Trailing Well Behind


See below for the most recent stats on early voting in Virginia, courtesy of VPAP. So as of 10/1, here are a few highlights:\

  • There have been 189,452 mail ballot requests, 59,226 voting by mail so far and 100,172 voting in person as of 10/1. For comparison purposes, about 2.8 million people voted early in the 2020 election, with most of those voting in October (and ramping up as the election approached). So we’ll see whether we follow a similar pattern this year.
  • By Congressional District, total early voting so far ranks as follows: VA08 at 40,429; VA10 at 38,586; VA11 at 37,726; VA07 at 37,101; VA01 at 34,380; VA04 at 30,318; VA05 at 29,115; VA02 at 28,246; VA06 at 27,712, VA03 at 26,122 VA09 at 19,115
  • Overall, early voting in Virginia is at 58.9 per 1,000 registered voters. Northern Virginia 70.6, Capital Region 63.2, Piedmont 58.2, Hampton Roads 56.8, Valley of Virginia 50.9, Southside 44.7, Southwest Virginia 39.3. So…clearly the “blue” areas are leading, with some of the reddest areas (particularly Southwest Virginia and Southside) trailing far behind. Not good news for Youngkin et al?



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