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Video: Spotsylvania School Board Republicans “are literally urging the burning of books in school libraries”; One Declares, “I don’t want them in our schools for another night”

Since "moderate Republican" Glenn Youngkin's supposedly SO concerned about education, he undoubtedly will weigh in on this shortly...LOL


Seriously, is this more “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Fahrenheit 451,” “1984,” or what? Ugh. By the way, note what really set these School Board members off:

Monday evening’s discussion was spurred by parents of a Riverbend student, who brought their concerns to the meeting.

The mother said during public comments that she was initially alarmed by “LGBTQIA” fiction that she said was immediately made available upon accessing the library app. After doing more research, she discovered a book in the collection that she found more upsetting.

The book, “33 Snowfish” by Adam Rapp, concerns three homeless teenagers attempting to escape from pasts that include sexual abuse, prostitution and drug addiction.

Publisher’s Weekly described “33 Snowfish,” which the American Library Association named a Best Book for Young Adults in 2004, as a “dark tale about three runaways who understand hatred and violence better than love” and noted “readers may have trouble stomaching the language” and the subject matter.

The review recommends the book for ages 15 and up.
Very, very disturbing times in this country right now, with some seriously dark forces running amok…



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