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Video: On “New Day,” Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) Says Trump Appears to Have Acted (to Stoke the Insurrection) *and* NOT Acted (to Call Off the Insurrection) on 1/6/21

"For 187 minutes...nothing was said, nothing was done"


Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) continues her tremendous leadership in defending our democracy, rule of law, the constitution, etc.

  • “187 minutes, and there were cries, there were pleas to the WH Chief of Staff…make this stop. And from everything we can tell, what did the former president do during that timeframe?…For 187 minutes…nothing was said, nothing was done.”
  • Meadows “was there. He understood what the president was doing, what the president was thinking during this timeframe, and that’s really key to painting the picture of everything that was happening.”
  • “Being someone who served 20 years in the military…as the Commander in Chief, it seems to me that if [former President Trump] is proven to have not acted, not taken action, not spoken to have people stop, to leave the Capitol…it’s just as much of a problem to not act…as it is to be part of it, and we need to know…the facts are leading us in the direction that he did both at varying times leading up to and during this day.”
  • “If we determine that criminal actions were taken, or criminal acts were taken because of inaction when somebody had a responsibility to act, that will be forwarded from the committee in the appropriate manner to the Department of Justice.”


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