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Video: Del. Don Scott Cites New Wason Center Poll, Calls on Gov. Youngkin to “Course Correct,” Says “It’s Hard To Be This Bad, This Fast” and “The Honeymoon Is Over”

Del. Scott says Youngkin does NOT have a mandate, but "reminds me of the guy who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple."


Speaking a few minutes ago on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates, Del. Don Scott cited the new Wason Center polling (which, among other things, has Gov. Glenn Youngkin at just 41%-43% approval, and with most Virginians NOT supporting his hard-right agenda) to argue that it’s time for Youngkin to “course correct.” As Del. Scott explained, “it’s hard to be this bad, this fast,” and “the honeymoon is over.” Del. Scott added that Youngkin won by only 2 points in November, that “it was tight, the voters gave him an opportunity” and thought Youngkin would “govern from the middle.” “However,” Del. Scott added, “now…the voters see otherwise, and they disagree with the governor on a number of his priorities – he’s too extreme, too divisive…the governor’s wrong on [teaching about racial history, mask mandates, vaccines, Virginia Clean Economy Act, RGGI, etc, etc.].” So true. But will Youngkin actually make a course correction and move back to the middle? Don’t hold your breath, especially since Youngkin appears to truly be a right wingnut/Trumpist, and also because he seems to have delusions of being president some day. Hard pass on that idea!


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