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New Wason Center Poll: Youngkin Underwater at 41%-43% Approval; Majority Disagrees with Him on Teaching About Racism/”CRT”; Masks in Schools; Clean Energy/Climate Action; Abortion…

Also, a majority of Virginia voters would rather spend budget surplus on underfunded government services than providing tax cuts/rebates.


See below for results from the latest poll by CNU’s Wason Center for Civic Leadership. As far as I’m aware, this is the second public poll of Virginia since Youngkin was sworn in as governor. To see the previous one, click here (Youngkin was at 44%-42% approval). And keep in mind that normally, a new Virginia governor has VERY high approval ratings this early in their terms (e.g., Ralph Northam was +18 points in April 2018 and +35 points in December 2018; Bob McDonnell was +31.5 points during his first year as governor; Tim Kaine was at 67% approval; etc.).

With that, here are a few highlights from the new Wason Center poll:

  • After a month in office, Youngkin’s at just 41%-43% approval, which is…not good compared to previous governors at this point. Youngkin’s approval falls heavily along partisan lines, with 85% of Republicans approving, compared to 81% of Democrats *DISapproving*, and independents at 42%-36% approve.
  • By a very narrow, 45%-41% margin, Virginia voters say the state’s moving in the right direction. Once again, this falls heavily along partisan lines, with 80% or Republicans thinking Virginia’s moving in the right direction, vs. just 22% of Democrats and 45% of independents.
  • President Biden’s at just 40%-53% approval, with only 22% of voters saying the US is headed in the right direction.
  • “A majority of Virginia voters prefer spending the state budget surplus on underfunded government services, such as education, public safety and social services (59%), rather than providing tax cuts or tax rebates (38%).”
  • “Voters overwhelmingly support cutting the 2.5% grocery tax, either by a total repeal (47%) or by giving low-income Virginians a tax credit (25%).
  • “Voters support teaching how racism continues to impact American society (63% to 33%) and oppose a ban on the teaching of Critical Race Theory in public schools (57% to 35%).”
  • “Virginia voters support vaccine mandates for first responders (58%), teachers (57%) and medical providers (61%), while opposing mandates for elementary students (55%) and middle school students (51%).”
  • “On masks in schools, voters say health data should be used to determine mask requirements (56%) versus leaving the decision to parents (41%).”
  • “Voters strongly support stationing a police officer in every school (70%).”
  • “On abortion, a plurality oppose a 24-hour waiting period (49% to 44%), while a majority oppose requiring an ultrasound (57% to 36%) and a ban on abortions at 6 weeks (58% to 33%).”
  • “Voters support the state’s membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative carbon cap-and-trade program (67% to 26%) and the Virginia Clean Economy Act (67% to 28%), a law requiring the state to generate 100% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2050.”


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