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Virginia Senate Commerce and Labor Committee Kills House Republicans’ Minimum Wage Repeals


From the VA Senate Democratic Caucus, aka the “firewall,” which we’d all better make damn sure we keep next year!

Senate Panel Kills Minimum Wage Repeals

RICHMOND, Va.: Today, the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee killed bills aimed at reversing minimum wage increases implemented by Virginia Democrats in 2020.

Majority Leader Dick Saslaw said: “Virginians working full-time should be able to support themselves and their families. Our progress to incrementally raise the minimum wage to $15 by 2026 was threatened by the bills killed in committee today, which attempted to cap increases at $11 an hour and prevent future raises. With inflation at record highs and working families doing more with less, it’s imperative we continue to provide Virginians with the tools they need to lead productive, healthy lives.”

Caucus Chair Mamie Locke said: “In the United States, nearly 55% of minimum-wage earners are women and more than half of African Americans make less than $15 an hour. The economic stability of every single Virginian requires addressing the minimum wage, and ensuring a full-time job can provide safety and security for every single Virginia family–which is what Senate Democrats did when we raised the wage two years ago. We will continue to be a brick wall against any attempts at removing worker protections and a livable wage for all.”

Bills killed today addressing minimum wage:

  • HB296 (McNamara) – Requires any health benefit cost to be deducted from wages if wages exceed $11 an hour.
  • HB320 (Freitas) – Caps the minimum wage at $11 an hour, and removes provisions to increase the wage in the future according to an annual gross adjustment determined by the Department of Labor and Industry.
  • HB1040 (P. Scott) – Exempts small businesses from minimum wage requirements.

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