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Video: At Mar-a-Lago, Former President Trump Says Amanda Chase Has “Done a Great Job,” Pledges to “Be With [Chase]” in Her “Next Campaign”


What is there even to say about this one…corrupt, treasonous, Putin-loving, felonious former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago last night turning to “Big Lie”-promoting, COVID-science-denying, extremist/insurrectionist/conspiracy theorist Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase and saying:

Very good, you’ve done a great job. Wow. Thank you very much, I appreciate it. You let me know for the next campaign, I want to be with you. I didn’t know you, I just saw this woman was so great, but I didn’t know you, now I know you. OK, so let us know when you’re ready…You did a great job.”

Lovely, huh? Oh, and for a quick reminder of who Amanda Chase is, see Video: Campaigning For Extreme Candidate in FL, Amanda Chase Argues Trump “Is Now” President, Spews Out COVID Misinformation, etc.; Video: Leading Up to Censure Vote, Sen. Amanda Chase’s Republican Colleagues Stand Up – One After Another – and Excoriate Her, Urge Her to Seek Help [UPDATED: Senate Votes 24-9 For Censure]; Virginia Sen. Amanda Chase Rants About “Destroying WHITE HISTORY,” Taking Down “White” Monuments and “Not Others”…); etc.


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