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Video: Leading Up to Censure Vote, Sen. Amanda Chase’s Republican Colleagues Stand Up – One After Another – and Excoriate Her, Urge Her to Seek Help [UPDATED: Senate Votes 24-9 For Censure]

Has anyone ever seen anything like this?!?


UPDATE Thursday am: Here’s the full video from the censure debate, vote…


Wow, check out the following video (I’ll keep adding more as it finishes uploading to YouTube) and blow-by-blow (from VAPLAN) of what’s been going on in the Virginia State Senate the past hour or so, regarding the censure resolution against Sen. Amanda Chase (R). I’ve never seen anything remotely like this…nor apparently has anyone else in the Virginia State Senate. Wild times. For some background, see Video: As Censure Resolution Moves Forward, Sen. Amanda Chase (R) Challenges “Germaneness,” Breaks Into Tears, Says Mother-In-Law Having Open-Heart Surgery, Sen. John Bell: “Senator Chase is clearly not sorry for supporting the insurrection…My resolution to censure Senator Amanda Chase will be going forward next week.”, Video: VA Senators Respond to Sen. Amanda Chase (R), Who Faces Possible Censure For Her Actions on 1/6, Video: VA Senate Privileges & Elections Committee Votes 9-6, Along Party Lines, For Censure Resolution Against Sen. Amanda Chase (R), Virginia Senate Votes 37-1 to Strip Sen. Amanda Chase – Who Spoke at the 1/6 Pro-Trump Rally in D.C. – of Her Last Committee Assignment, etc.


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