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Where Do Things Currently Stand on Possible 2022 Virginia House of Delegates Elections? Sam Shirazi Explains.

It's possible the court "doesn’t even get to merits"...we'll see.


See below for an excellent thread by Sam Shirazi on where we currently stand regarding the possibility of new Virginia House of Delegates elections this year. According to Shirazi’s “TL;DR” summary:

  • “The HoD lawsuit is more complicated than old districts were used so elections in 2022”
  • “IMO that’s stronger argument under State than Federal Constitution, but only Federal claims alive”
  • “I respect those that [are] seeking new election, just trying to objectively analyze law”


  • “…remember the question of standing still has to be decided by the court In other words, Court has to determine if Goldman can even bring the lawsuit. There is possibility Court doesn’t even get to merits I’ve been discussing “

So, bottom line: we don’t know if there will be new House of Delegates elections this year, or whether courts will even rule on the merits of the case. If there aren’t elections this year, then of course elections will be held normally, under new district lines, in 2023.


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