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Video: Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) Says Kevin McCarthy Has “information that we need” About the 1/6/21 Pro-Trump Insurrection; “there was a plan, there was a plot,  this was orchestrated, this was all leading up to something”

Rep. Luria wonders, "What made [McCarthy] start singing a different tune?"


See below for video of Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02), a member of the 1/6/21 committee, speaking on MSNBC last night. A few highlights include:

  • “…although it may appear surprising on the surface, it’s kind of been par for the course for a lot of our Republican colleagues to say one thing in private and not have the courage to speak up in the same way in the public.
  •  “Certainly…I think any time someone is talking about pardoning, there’s actually implied criminal conduct there…if you are talking about pardoning…you are implying that criminal conduct is in question.”
  • “There were…indications that former President Trump said to McCarthy at one point that he felt some responsibility relative to the events that happened on January 6.
  •  “I think it is our responsibility, if we have evidence that indicates criminal activity, I think it’s incumbent on us as Congress to pass that along in order for that to be evaluated for criminal activity and handled accordingly.”
  • “[McCarthy] has information that we need. He has direct information, he had conversations directly with the President. He knows what his thought process was and what transpired in these conversations with other Republicans in the House, and we need to hear and understand from him. Because the truth is all the way up until about January 13 he was saying the right thing – he was condemning the violence, he was calling it out for what it was – but then something changed. So what was it that changed and WHY did it change, that made him start singing a different tune and essentially rather than doing the right thing, holding the former President accountable for his actions, he decided he had to go along with it and continue to show allegiance to the former president and really bring the rest of his caucus – other than a few very brave people like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger…a small group along with him…continue to show allegiance to Trump rather than their duty to the constituents, to the constitution, and really upholding our democracy.”
  • Now, more than ever, we would like to hear from [McCarthy] and like him to share the truth about what he knows, what was said on those calls, and what happened during conversations with the former president.”
  • “…what we really need in this country is…two serious political parties that can debate on the merits of policy, not one party that has complete allegiance to an individual and fails to recognize that they are part of upholding the laws of the country.”
  • “For all the reasons you mentioned, it is really important to hear from those who were in the room who observed one side of this phone call reported to have happened….Going back to that text that’s been reported on from right after the election, the idea that these plots and schemes…were being thrown around not just on crazy right-wing talk shows but directly to the highest levels of the White House from members of the Trump family is just incredibly disconcerting. And it shows the fact that there was a plan, there was a plot,  this was orchestrated, this was all leading up to something.”


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