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Video: Sen. Mark Warner “so proud of the Ukrainian people” and of the U.S. for “supplying them with the tools they need”; Says “I look forward to voting for Judge Jackson”

"I'm not sure I could have sat through that kind of...unfair grilling she got from some of the Republican senators, and maintained my cool the way she did."


See below for video and highlights from Sen. Mark Warner’s weekly “media availability,” held a bit earlier today. Among other things, Sen. Warner said the following:

  • “The thing that I’m still spending the majority of my time on as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee is the war in Ukraine. I think we’ve all been outraged by the horrific images we’ve seen from these Ukrainian towns after the Russians have been pushed back…I believe they are war crimes and I believe Putin and those responsible need to be held accountable.”
  • “I think it’s extraordinarily important that the U.S. and our allies continue to send the Ukrainians the arms they need. We are literally over 50,000 anti-tank missiles and tools that have been sent to the Ukrainians…and obviously by the number of burned-out Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers, they are being extraordinarily…As we’ve seen, if we give the Ukrainians the tools they need, they’re able to hold off the Russians.”
  • “On the other hand, we’re entering what appears to be the second phase of this war, where the Russians may be redeploying their troops to the eastern part of Ukraine…”
  • “We also need to continue to increase sanctions [against Russia]…One of the things I’d like to see is the Germans and others cut off Russian oil and gas.”
  • “While the Russian military has been totally inept, the...Russian cyber forces are still quite good…American companies need to still be on guard…I would frankly not be surprised at all if we see Russian-based cyber attacks against us in the coming days or weeks.”
  • “I look forward to voting for Judge Jackson. She’s got the intellect, she’s got the experience, she’s got the judicial temperament to be a great judge. I’m not sure I could have sat through that kind of grilling, unfair grilling she got from some of the Republican senators, and maintained my cool the way she did.”
  • “I would be concerned about an overall cancellation of all student debt, although I know that would be quite popular, just on some level of fairness…But cancelling a portion of student debt…I’d be favorably inclined to look at…What I would like to do…way too many people are paying student debt at 6%, 7%, 8%, 9% – those interest rates are WAY above where the Fed interest rates are. I think we ought to refinance all student debt to below 3%...That takes a lot of the burden off…but it still makes sure that people’s obligations are fulfilled.”
  • The Ukrainians wouldn’t be nearly as effective against the Russian military “without that intelligence sharing from us and other NATO allies.”
  • “I continue to be a little discouraged by some of our long-time allies like India, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who so far have been on the sidelines...This is, in my mind, not in any way morally close. We, the Ukrainians are on the moral right side. The Russians are perpetrating war crimes. They have invaded an independent, democratic nation. And if a major country can’t choose a side in this clear-cut a case, then I really  wonder and question about their commitment to democratic values. I’m also very concerned about China’s continued engagement and involvement with Russia…”
  • “..incredibly important times, so proud of the Ukrainian people and the Ukrainian leadership. I think, though, we should take pride in the fact that we have been supplying them with the tools they need.”
  • “I’m proud today that Judge Jackson is going to be confirmed on the Supreme Court.”


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