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Fairfax County Board Chair: Youngkin’s Suggestion to Establish “Perimeter” Around Homes of SCOTUS Justices Would Violate 4th Amendment, Possibly 1st Amendment as Well


See below for Fairfax County Board Chair Jeff McKay’s response to Gov. Glenn Youngkin, regarding Youngkin’s “request for a ‘security perimeter’ around the homes of SCOTUS judges in FFX Co.” According to Chair McKay, “My focus is on public safety and protecting constitutional rights of our citizens. I know the well-trained FCPD professionals can ensure both.” Chair McKay continues:

“Your suggestion to establish a ‘perimeter’ for the purpose of ‘limiting unauthorized vehicle and pedestrian access’ to neighborhoods surrounding the homes of the Justices is paramount [sic; presumably McKay means tantamount] to a checkpoint that federal courts have held violates the Fourth Amendment. There are obvious First Amendment concerns as well.”

In short, Youngkin appears to have no idea what he’s doing – or simply doesn’t care about his policies being legal or making sense – as usual…

P.S. Needless to say, the main reason why Youngkin and other Republicans are suddenly concerned with protesters at people’s homes – which they certainly have NOT been when it’s been at  the homes of Democratic School Board members, or House of Delegates members, etc – is to *distract people’s attention from the main issue here*, which is that Republicans are working overtime to deprive women of their reproductive freedom, constitutional rights and bodily autonomy. In short, Republicans want to talk about ANYTHING else but that!


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