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Spinal Cord Injuries And Their Repercussions



Spinal cord injuries make an individual entirely reliant on others. These types of injuries restrict the level of functioning of a person and make them vulnerable to diseases. A spinal cord injury is one of the core reasons why an individual may even become paralyzed and lose functionality in their brain regarding certain senses or parts of their body. When the spinal cord is damaged, the injured individual will not have the same quality of life as the average person.

Social and Economic Shortcomings

According to professionals at Mott Children’s Hospital, people who suffer from spinal cord injuries at a younger age do not only experience disabilities as they grow older, but they also experience shortcomings and restrictions within other facets of their lives. This includes economic disadvantages. They may not obtain the job they prefer, resulting in the individual not being able to live financially independent.

In addition, those with these types of disabilities may also experience social limitations in finding a partner or in social gatherings. The general public may isolate the disabled person due to the amount of catering that they require to function as any normal person would. This is something injured individuals do not have control over which may make them feel alone and helpless.

The Difference Between Non-Violent and Violent Spinal Cord Injuries

Certain statistics suggest that patients who are victims of non-violent injuries will have a more normal life than patients of violent injuries. In a study of 45 people with spinal cord injuries in their childhoods, 23 were victims of gunshot wounds. Of these 23 individuals, only 60% had a college education. Of the other 22 injured victims, 90% of the group had a noteworthy college degree that could help them achieve a preferable career in their life.

The Race Factor in Gunshot Wounds

The race factor in gunshot wounds played a large role in the number of individuals who were victims. According to some studies, African American and Hispanic individuals were more likely to become a victim of a gunshot wound within their lifetimes. These gunshot wounds would result in spinal cord injuries which would make them reliant on loved ones and a decrease their quality of life. This leads injured victims to live life below the poverty line and rely on government-provided disability checks to give them a somewhat normal life.

According to attorney Robert Hammers of Schneider Hammers law firm, “It is most probable that a gunshot wound to the spine will deteriorate the injured victim’s quality of life as the days go by and their lifestyle will become relatively stagnant. The injured victim may need to rely on others for day-to-day activities.”

The Chances of Living a Normal Life

The chances of a victim of a spinal cord injury proceeding with a normal life significantly decreases, and make the person more or less incapable of progressing in the way that they would have wished.


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