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VA10 GOP Nomination Decided Today; DPVA Says “These candidates…are just an embarrassment to Virginia”

One of the leading candidates, Jeanine Lawson, was endorsed by Elise Stefanik and "has pledged to 'remain relentless dedicated' to restricting access to reproductive health care. "


From DPVA:

WATCH OUT VIRGINIA: VA-10 Republican Primary Chaos

Richmond, VA – Today the Republican Party will be holding a chaotic and secretive process in the 10th Congressional District to elect their nominee against Representative Jennifer Wexton. So far this race-to-the-right primary has shown no end to how low Republicans will go to win the nomination even if that means abandoning all morals.

In case you missed it here’s a list of the worst potential nominees to look out for:

Hung Cao – The swampiest of the swamp. Hung Cao represents everything that is wrong with Washington. He is backed by corrupt DC elites including former disgraced Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Dr. Ronny Jackson who was illegally prescribing medicines such as opioids to staff during his time in the Trump White House.

Jeanine Lawson – A far-right anti-abortion, anti-LGBTQ+ radical who voted against pride month and has pledged to “remain relentless dedicated” to restricting access to reproductive health care. She is also a founding member of a controversial “crisis pregnancy center,” which was used to discourage women from getting abortions and didn’t provide qualified medical care.

Caleb Max – 24-year-old a corporate sell-out who is bought and controlled by big corporations. If you were looking for a candidate who would look out for the best interest of Virginians then this isn’t your person.

Brandon Michon – Someone who is just using this process for his own personal gain. Look no further than when he was asked about rural broadband Brandon said, “I could lie and say I know the answer to that. I don’t think I do … I don’t know enough about cell towers and reception of cell phones and how it all works.”

“The VA-10 Republican primary has been a chaotic clown circus from the start,” said DPVA spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “From controversial endorsements to supporting an outright abortion ban, these far-right Republicans present a danger to the 10th district and our country. These candidates for the VA-10 Republican primary are just an embarrassment to Virginia”


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