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Video: At Regent U, Pat Robertson Welcomes “Dear Friend” Glenn Youngkin, Who Speaks Against “Hyphens,” “Pronouns,” “Cancel Culture,” “Groupthink”

Robertson, who is viciously homophobic among other things, recently said Putin was "compelled by God" to invade Ukraine to fulfill Armageddon prophecy


See below for video and a few, uh, “highlights” from Glenn Youngkin’s speech yesterday at Pat Robertson’s Regent University 2022 Commencement. But first, for just a quick reminder of who Pat Robertson is, check out the following links:

Now, back to yesterday’s Regent University Commencement; see below for a few quotes and video by Pat Robertson and his “dear friend” Glenn Youngkin…

Pat Robertson: “I am thrilled to introduce a dear friend, a man who I admire tremendously, whose accomplishments have amazed the nation. And we’re pleased to have with us as our commencement speaker, would you please welcome Gov. Glenn Youngkin.”

Glenn Youngkin: “Sometimes we are called to speak up, to say unpopular things, to invite ridicule and scorn. If I could offer one critique of higher education today, and I mean this in the most global sense, it’s that there’s too much groupthink, too much conformity to modern doctrine, too much intolerance that rears itself in the form of a cancel culture at the first hearing of an alternative view. We’ve lost the ability to debate, to disagree,  and yet to find a way forward. Instead, we create enemy combatants…So all of you graduating today have this amazing opportunity to reintroduce the concept of grace…that even if we disagree, we can hear one another…even if we so deeply, deeply disagree…We are all one body of Christ. One…Current culture reinforces self obsession. It focuses on identity and then judgment. But for the practicing Christian, the identity that matters most is our identity with Christ. One body, regardless of race, regardless of ethnicity. And in Christ there are no hyphens, there are no pronouns. It’s all about HIM.”

Glenn Youngkin: “The last time I had the great privilege of being on this amazing campus, I met with your founder and your spiritual leader Dr. Pat Robertson., What a great and godly man…”


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