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Video: New VA10 Far-Right Republican Nominee Rants That the “Left” Is Supposedly “Destroying Gender” and “the Nuclear Family”; Also “Marxism,” “Equity,” “Pure Evil,” the “Enemy,” etc.

This fall, VA10 voters need to reelect Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D) by a *landslide*!


See below for video of newly minted VA10 Republican nominee Hung Cao (yes, this guy), who says the following:

“I know these are dark days…I fought for many years overseas and I didn’t realize the enemy had already snuck in from the inside…They hide themselves in words like communism, socialism, Marxism, equity. And it’s not right and we know it’s not right. And destroying our families… destroying the nuclear family. They’re destroying gender; they can’t even define what a woman is. And when that’s not good enough, they attack us in schools, they attack us in universities. They try to brainwash our children. And when that’s not good enough, they attack them before they’re born or even while they’re born or after they’re born, the way Governor Northam did it [note: this is 100% false, of course], and the way California is doing it with Bill 2223 where they allow them to kill the babies [note: this is  also 100% false, obviously!]. Ladies and gentlemen, this is not a fight between left and right, this is a fight between right and wrong. There’s evil in this land and we will fight back. We’re going to fight back and we’re not going to give them any room because it’s not right, it’s just pure evil and we will not give into it.’

So…unless you want this type of extremism in Congress, it’s absolutely ESSENTIAL that VA10 voters reelect Rep. Jennifer Wexton (D) for another term. The district (and country) you save will be your own.


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