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Republicans’ Nominee in VA-07 Calls End of Roe v Wade an “Amazing Victory”

"Yesli Vega wants to see abortion banned in Virginia"


From the Democratic Party of Virginia:

Republicans’ Nominee in VA-07 Calls End of Roe v Wade an “Amazing Victory”

Yesli Vega wants to see abortion banned in Virginia

Richmond, VA – With the Supreme Court’s forthcoming decision that will likely overturn decades-long precedent in Roe v. Wade, Republicans in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District nominated anti-abortion extremist Yesli Vega, who praised the leaked draft opinion by the Court as “an amazing victory.”

Vega’s out-of-touch, far-right policies are a danger to women across the Commonwealth and have no place in Congress.

Vega’s hardline agenda to outlaw safe, legal abortion comes as no surprise. She has made banning abortion in the Commonwealth a central issue of her campaign. She recently attended an anti-abortion demonstration and posed for a photo as she supports overturning Roe that could result in the imprisonment of women and doctors.

Although public support for safe, legal abortion remains at its highest, Yesli Vega continues her dangerous crusade. To win the primary, Vega positioned herself as an extreme anti-abortion candidate in a crowded field and even fundraised off of accusations that Democrats were “murdering the unborn.”

“Vega’s willingness to praise the greatest attack on women’s rights in our history shows how out of touch she is with Virginians,” said DPVA Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “She has proudly claimed that she is the most conservative candidate and would be a rubber stamp for anti-abortion extremism in Congress. Vega is a danger to our Commonwealth and has no place in Congress.”


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