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Video: On “All In with Chris Hayes,” Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02) Says Marc Short Appearing Before Grand Jury Indicates DoJ Seems to Be “ratcheting up the level of their investigation…continuing to accelerate”


See below for video and highlights from Rep. Elaine Luria (D-VA02)’s appearance last night on “All In with Chris Hayes.” According to Rep. Luria:

  • On the testimony by former Mike Pence Chief of Staff Marc Short: “As the committee, the select committee in Congress, we have no direct knowledge or involvement in investigations that are being carried out by the Department of Justice. But this goes much closer to the top than what we’ve previously seen, with defendants who were accused of trespassing and violence and then seditious conspiracy. I look at it like circles…Department of Justice it feels like started from the outside and working their way in  – just how far they worked their way in we don’t know – but this is certainly an indicator they’re ratcheting up the level of their investigation and that’s encouraging from an outside perspective. Of course, the committee continues on our separate track as a congressional committee.”
  • Why is the committee releasing video like this? “There’s so much more that we’ve heard from witnesses, so much more of the story to tell. And over the course of eight hearings, probably about 18 to 20 hours that we’ve had an opportunity to present information to the public, we just are not able to get everything into that. So this was really additional information that explained that speech on January 7th, the one where… [Trump] really couldn’t bring himself to say the words, ‘the election is over’. But this gave additional detail about what went into the speech; it’s really enlightening to me, you know the parts that he crossed out. And we wanted to make sure to share that information, because it provides amplifying details on on what we shared in the hearing.”
  • On Ginni Thomas possibly coming in to speak with the 1/6 committee: “Just like Liz Cheney said, [Ginni Thomas] initially made indications that she was going to come forward and talk to the committee. If necessary to go to that step, we will issue a subpoena.”
  • On where things stand right now, overall: “I would say that at the outset, we came up with this framework by which we were going to lay out the facts. And as you saw we did the eight hearings, added an extra one in there when breaking information came that we thought was urgent to get out to the public. And we started these, so many more people have been coming forward, we’ve received so much more information, just volumes and volumes of information and even more leads that we need to follow. So what I’ll say with that is the investigation itself is continuing to accelerate in fact…also really also focusing on our work of producing a report and the recommendations which are this committee to prevent something like this [in the future].”


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