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Governor Youngkin Leaves Virginia…Again. This Time, He Joins Conspiracy Theorist and Anti-Abortion Radical Tudor Dixon in Michigan


From DPVA:

Governor Youngkin Leaves Virginia…Again

Joins known conspiracy theorist and anti-abortion radical in Michigan

Richmond, VA – Governor Youngkin will be leaving Virginia once again to join known 2020 election conspiracy theorist Tudor Dixon in Michigan as his Presidential aspirations outweigh his duties as Governor. Like Youngkin, Tudor Dixon is a danger to women across the country and backs an extreme anti-abortion agenda.

Governor Youngkin has made a habit of leaving Virginia for any other state. Most recently he returned from meeting with GOP mega-donors in Jackson Hole, Wyoming as he tries to draw up a Presidential run of the likes of Jeb Bush and Rick Perry. Earlier this year, Governor Youngkin spoke at the Nebraska GOP convention and traveled to Colorado to meet with far-right Republican candidate Heidi Ganahl.

All the while Governor Youngkin is stumping for far-right radicals, back in Virginia Governor Youngkin’s term has gotten off to a rocky start. In his first 6 months, Governor Youngkin lost Virginia’s coveted “Best State for Business” status after three straight years of Virginia being ranked at the top and his new policy banning telework has led to a mass exodus of hundreds of state employees – crippling state services. Governor Youngkin has shown Virginians the meaning of incompetence.

“Rather than run a competent administration, Governor Youngkin is spending his time traveling around the country running for President,” said DPVA Spokesperson Gianni Snidle. “He’s stumping for dangerous far-right extremists who – like himself – want to ban abortion nationwide. If Virginians had any doubt before, they know now that Governor Youngkin isn’t some mild-mannered fleece vest-wearing moderate, he is an incompetent far-right culture warrior.”


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