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Video: Some of the Most Unhinged Moments From Today’s VA GOP Rally in McLean with Gov. Youngkin, AG Miyares, LG Sears, etc.

For example, 10th CD GOP(Q) nominee Hung Cao compared equity to "Socialism, Marxism, Communism" and declared that "the battlefield is our schools...the victims are our children."


See below for video, as well as the most unhinged moments – below the video – from today’s Republican rally in McLean, featuring Gov. Glenn Youngkin, LG Winsome Sears, AG Jason Miyares, 8th CD GOP(Q) nominee Karina Lipsman, 10th CD GOP(Q) nominee Hung Cao, and 11th CD GOP(Q) nominee Jim Myles.

  • 8th CD GOP(Q) nominee Karina Lipsman:  Compared the current situation in the United States to the worst days of the Soviet Union – “I’ve experienced true socialism…what it looks like to have children indoctrinated…what inflation looks like…what weaponization of police looks like…” Back in the place we know as “reality,” of course, there’s no comparison between the Soviet Union under Communism (not “socialism”) and the United States of America. But…sure, ok, right.
  • 11th CD GOP(Q) nominee Jim Myles:  Absurdly claimed that the public school leaders are “more interested in political indoctrination, sexualization and pressure for gender identity” than in education. Also claimed that public schools “have no legal right to be involved in the health of our children” (uh, ever hear of mandatory vaccines to attend public school?). Also claimed, falsely, that the “shortage of teachers” is supposedly because are “afraid of this radical, social, progressive ideology that’s being imposed on our schools.” And he claimed that kids would have to “[lead] secret double lives behind their parents’ backs” due to public schools’ “intervention in our child’s health,” and cause “irreparable harm to our children and to our families.” And, he declared, “any school personnel that get involved in the health of our children without parental consent need to be held accountable, we can just no longer tolerate that in our public schools.” WTF?!?
  • 10th CD GOP(Q) nominee Hung Cao: Said an “old enemy” has “crept in” to the United States – “Socialism, Marxism, Communism and now…equity.” He said equity “goes against the fabric of our country, and I will not stand for it.” He declared that the “battle lines are drawn, and the battlefield is our schools., and the victims are our children.” Yikes.
  • LG Winsome Sears: Declared that the fight for school choice is the “new Brown vs. Board of Education fight,” that “we’re not worshipping a brick building anymore,” then started a chant of “SCHOOL CHOICE NOW!”
  • AG Jason Miyares: Said his parents fled Cuba due to the “socialists” taking over (in fact, it was COMMUNISTS – big difference).
  • Gov. Glenn Youngkin: Entered to the “walk-up music” of “Spirit in the Sky.” Repeat the false claim that the Dept. of Justice supposedly “decided that they were going to investigate [Loudoun County] parents as domestic terrorists for showing up at their child’s school board meetings to express real concerns about schools being open to in-person education, and oh by the way concerns about what they were being taught.” Also falsely claimed that “last year, we saw radical politicians say that parents had no right to determine what was being taught in their children’s classrooms” (apparently he’s referring to the debate gaffe by Terry McAuliffe, who is certainly not a “radical politician”). Again attacked the Loudoun County school board, which he loves to do. He dishonestly took credit for a budget which raised education spending (in fact, that budget was largely put together by former Gov. Ralph Northam’s administration, along with the Democratic-controlled State Senate). He falsely claimed that Democrats “lowered standards and lowered expectations year after year after year.” He bashed teachers’ unions, because…of course he did.  He claimed, falsely, that “progressives in Fairfax County actually believe that they should lock parents out of their children’s lives,” and that “parents have no right to know what their child is discussing with their teacher or their counselor….what’s their name, what pronoun do they use, how are they going to express their gender; this is a decision that bureaucrats in Fairfax County believe that they should be able to make without telling parents.” WTF?!? Is there literally any truth to any of that?!? This guy is really, really a piece of work…

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