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End Citizens United Calls for DOJ Investigation Into Yesli Vega For “fail[ing] to disclose upwards of $50,000 in assets, as required by federal law”


From “End Citizens United”:

ECU Calls for DOJ Investigation Into Yesli Vega

GOP nominee in VA-07 failed to disclose upwards of $50,000 in assets, as required by federal law

End Citizens United (ECU) filed a complaint with the Public Integrity Section of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Criminal Division asking for an investigation into Yesli Vega, candidate for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. The complaint asks the DOJ to investigate Vega for potentially violating federal law by failing to file an accurate financial disclosure report.

Click here to read the complaint.

Click here to watch coverage of the complaint from FOX 5 DC.

“Yesli Vega isn’t telling Virignians the whole truth. Despite one month prior admitting to having a pension of upwards of $50,000, she changed her tune when she filed her federal financial disclosure in her run for Congress, hiding the pension fund she has from Virginia taxpayers. That’s why we’re asking the DOJ to immediately investigate Vega and determine if she broke federal law by intentionally hiding upwards of $50,000,” said End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller.

In the complaint:

  • As a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, Yesli Vega is required to properly file an accurate and complete financial disclosure report, so voters can be fully informed before making a decision on who to vote for.
  • That includes disclosing the source and amount of any and all known assets.
  • In Vega’s personal financial disclosure, she listed zero assets.
  • However, just one month prior to submitting her personal financial disclosure, Vega listed in her Statement of Economic Interest form, which she is required to fill out as an elected official in Prince William County, that she has a pension of upwards of $50,000 through the Virginia Retirement System.
  • Vega failed to list her pension fund on her federal personal financial disclosure.
  • A DOJ investigation would reveal if Vega purposefully violated federal ethics law by hiding her pension worth thousands of dollars from Virginia voters, ensuring that Virginians have the transparent and full information they need to make a decision on who to elect to represent them in Congress this November.
  • Under the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, the U.S. Attorney General is authorized to bring civil action against any candidate who knowingly or willfully fails to properly disclose their financial information on these reports.



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