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Photos: Glenn Youngkin Campaigns for Unhinged Extremist, Virulent Racist, Climate Denier Paul LePage in Maine

Youngkin is greeted by a "pop-up protest" of pro-choice women in Lewiston


See below for some photos of Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin campaigning this evening in Maine for unhinged extremist and virulent racist former Gov. Paul LePage (R). Just a reminder that, among his many MANY insane and extremist comments, LePage has said: “the enemy right now is people of color”; the “NAACP should apologize to the white people”;  “people of color are coming to Maine to impregnate white women”; etc. LePage is also a climate science denier (even claiming, laughably, that climate change could be *beneficial*!); has called for repeal of the federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, saying he believes it is unconstitutional; called the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) “‘the new Gestapo’ due to their role in enforcing the law”; etc. So yeah…that’s the guy Youngkin is happily campaigning with this evening, giving him a red sweater-vest (I know, I know – groan!); and declaring, mindlessly, “you have a candidate that has been there, has done it and can do it again” (note: in fact, LePage’s was first elected wit just 37.6% of the vote, versus a Dem & a progressive independent opponent who split the anti-LePage votes and let him sneak in. The second time, LePage again won with <50% against a Democrat & a progressive independent).



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