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VA Sen. Scott Surovell’s “Getting really tired of the [WaPo]’s anti-EV spin & alarmism in their headlines & articles”


Shocking, I know, but the WaPo doesn’t just suck when it comes to Virginia political coverage. Check this out, for instance, from VA Sen. Scott Surovell, who points out that:

  1. “The study says the energy issues are IN THE WEST – not anywhere else in America and part of it is because CA is taking their nuclear plants – that run AT NIGHT – offline while here in Virginia, we’re 30% nuclear and NOT doing that”
  2. “Many power companies, including @DominionEnergy, are installing smart meters that charge lower rates at night to ENCOURAGE people to use electric for EV’s, dish washing, clothes drying at night so we can use our generation more efficiently”
  3. “The article only talks about solar generation not occurring at night – in Virginia we’ve authorized the largest wind project in the United States and guess what – the wind blows at night (and nuclear plants still run because you can’t turn them off)”
  4. Entrepreneurs across USA are developing cheaper energy storage & in VA @VASenateDems authorized 2500 MW of it to stimulate innovation – about 140% of @DominionEnergy‘s 2 nuke reactors at North Anna – nuke, wind & storage at night will take care this!”
  5. “The 100% 2035 EV sales mandate does not take effect for 13 YEARS: – VA will have 3 more Governors by then – USA will have 2 more Presidents by then – The Washington Commanders will still suck” (ZING!)
  6.  “Virginia is part of the @pjminterconnect grid which is one of the most resilient and flexible grids in America – look at the American West which the study was about – but you wouldn’t know it if you read the article’s headline”

Other than all that, great article, WaPo! LOL


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