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Video: After Campaigning for Hard-Right Candidate in KS, Youngkin Heads to TX, Spews Out Falsehoods, Distortions, Dodges About Donald Trump, Kari Lake, Virginia Education, Who Voted for Him in 2021, etc.


See below for video of Virginia Governor (at least part of the time, when he’s not gallivanting around the country running for president?) Glenn Youngkin, who followed up his campaign trip to Kansas yesterday with an appearance in the Lone Star State for an interview at the Texas Tribune Festival. Being Glenn Youngkin, not surprisingly, there was a lot of bulls***, evasions, distortions and flat-out lies.  For some of those “highlights,” or actually lowlights, see below the video.

  • Youngkin claimed “Virginians elected a pro-life [aka, anti-abortion] governor, and I was very clear about that all through the campaign [in fact, Youngkin was caught on video flat-out lying about his plans to defund Planned Parenthood and admitting that he couldn’t reveal his true position on abortion rights until after he’s elected)…I felt the [Supreme Court’s Dobbs] decision was correct”; pushes for 15-week abortion ban, lies that there was a “debate about legalizing abortion all the way up through and including birth paid for by taxpayer money.”
  • Asked about campaigning for unhinged election denier Kari Lake in AZ, Youngkin claims Republican governors are better (fact check: FALSE!), that “all states deserves a Republican governor” (uh, no), and that he’s comfortable campaigning for Lake. Disgraceful.
  • Asked if Trump should run in 2024, Youngkin says 2024 “is a long way away” (false) and that “President Trump [sic] is going to do what President Trump [sic] wants to do and it’s not my job to decide who should run and who shouldn’t run.”
  • Also total bulls***: “[Trump] was very successful in pressing forward with policies that address so many of our kitchen table concerns around the nation.” Hahahahahaha!!!
  • Youngkin falsely claimed he won “massive” numbers of Dem votes in 2021. In fact, according to the CNN exit poll, he lost Dems 96%-4%.
  • Asked what he thinks THE biggest challenge in America is right now, Youngkin didn’t mention democracy, climate, Russia/Ukraine, etc. Instead, he said “leadership”….WTF? Then, he proceeded to completely distort and lie about President Biden’s record.
  • Youngkin lied again, falsely claimed that the Northam administration intentionally excluded parents from their children’s education. In fact, Gov. Northam and his Secretary of Education, Atif Qarni, visited HUNDREDS of schools; talked to thousands of parents, teachers, students, etc; and very much did NOT exclude parents from their children’s education.

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