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Video: VA House Dem Leader Don Scott, Del. Cia Price Slam Glenn Youngkin’s “Extremist Agenda” as “Pro-Cruelty”/”Forced-Birth” Agenda”; “Lighting the Flames of Culture War”; “Division, Division, Division”; etc.


See below for two superb speeches delivered a little while ago on the floor of the Virginia House of Delegates. In the first speech, VA House Democratic Leader Don Scott, slammed Gov. Glenn Youngkin for: a) traveling out of state (to Maine) while “we are here working”; b) campaigning for a virulent racist (“MAGA Republican” Paul LePage); c) attacking teachers, setting up “tip lines,” fomenting “division, division, division“; d) ignoring the voices of women from across Virginia who were at the General Assembly speaking out for their rights; e) “attack[ing] men and women of law enforcement, the FBI and other agencies just for doing their jobs”; f) “light[ing] the flames of culture war”; etc. Thank you to Leader Scott for calling Youngkin out – in strong language and in no uncertain terms!

As for Del. Cia Price, as VAPLAN/Cindy summarizes below, she slammed Youngkin and the GOP’s “forced-birth” agenda of “cruelty,” which they continue to push even in the face of women DYING. As Del. Price correctly pointed out, this MAGA Republican “extremist agenda” isn’t “pro-life,” it’s “pro-cruelty”; it isn’t about protecting life, “it is about having power over somebody else’s life.” Del. Price also noted, correctly, that the Republican agenda “does not seem to stand FOR much, but it is against SO MUCHagainst freedom, against equity, against  truth, against women, against science, against renters, against DREAMers, against those with crushing medical debt, against Black-owned businesses, against those struggling to make ends meet,  against schoolchildren, against members of the LGBTQIA+ community, against workers…” So true!


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