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Advised by Former Trump EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler, Fossil Fuel Industry Tool Glenn Youngkin Rolls Out His Godawful “Virginia Energy Plan”

Among other things, the plan falsely touts natural gas pipelines as having "clear benefits of job creation, economic development and energy reliability"


Given who advises Glenn Youngkin, and given that he himself is a huge fossil fuel fan, is pro-polluter, is advised by former Trump EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler, and also is a climate science denier, what else would we expect from his “Virginia Energy Plan” than the following? A few “highlights” from this cluster@!@# include:

  • There’s not a single mention of the words “climate” or “global warming” in the plan.
  • It talks about “clean energy,” but then attacks one of the main drivers to pushing Virginia towards a clean energy economy – the Virginia Clean Economy Act, which it attacks as (supposedly) “an inflexible, 30-year determination with a prescribed route that currently cannot be delivered and do not contain any guidelines ensuring reasonable energy costs for Virginian consumers.”
  • It touts the Mountain Valley Pipeline and attacks what it calls “litigious special interest groups,” who it claims have “significantly impacted the ability of natural gas utilities to meet the energy demands of their customers.” It also complains about the Mountain Valley Pipeline being “subject to numerous legal actions and protests organized by groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Sierra Club and Appalachian Voices.”
  • It falsely claims that natural gas pipelines have “clear benefits of job creation, economic development and energy reliability”
  • It foolishly calls for “repeal[ing] the legislative mandate tying Virginia to California’s electric vehicle mandate to protect grid reliability.”
  • It falsely claims there’s such a thing as “low-emission natural gas generation,” completely ignoring the fact that when you take into account methane leakage, plus the fact that this fossil fuel also emits CO2, natural gas may be as dirty as coal.

On and on it goes…simply clueless about the urgency of dealing with the climate crisis, the rapidly shifting economics of clean energy vs. fossil fuels, etc. Typical Wheeler/Youngkin/Republican nonsense.

Governor Glenn Youngkin Releases Virginia’s Energy Plan

RICHMOND, VA — Today, Governor Glenn Youngkin unveiled the 2022 Virginia Energy Plan in Lynchburg, Virginia. The plan focuses on an all-of-the-above approach that harnesses nuclear, natural gas, renewables, and new energy sources to satisfy the increasing energy needs of the Commonwealth. The Plan also outlines an increase in nuclear energy and an objective to make Virginia the world’s leading nuclear innovation hub.

“A growing Virginia must have reliable, affordable and clean energy for Virginia’s families and businesses. We need to shift to realistic and dynamic plans. The 2022 Energy Plan will meet the power demands of a growing economy and ensures Virginia has that reliable, affordable, clean and growing supply of power by embracing an all-of-the-above energy plan that includes natural gas, nuclear, renewables and the exploration of emerging sources to satisfy the growing needs of Commonwealth residents and businesses,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin.

“Energy is a key driver of economic productivity and growth. Existing businesses are reliant on the grid to deliver energy on-demand every second of every day. Businesses considering Virginia as a state to open or relocate their businesses expect energy ready sites and choice of energy generation sources. All Virginians and businesses deserve access to reliable, affordable, clean and abundant energy. As we explore various pathways to managing the energy transition underway, we look forward to supporting innovative thinking across the Commonwealth to support the Governor’s goal of making Virginia the best place to live, work and raise a family,” said Secretary of Commerce and Trade Caren Merrick.

“I am thrilled that the 2022 Virginia Energy Plan recognizes Virginia’s unique nuclear advantage. Two of the nation’s largest nuclear manufacturing companies are located here in Lynchburg. They offer exciting opportunities to research and develop cutting-edge nuclear generation technologies that will create new, high-paying jobs in the Commonwealth while delivering reliable energy to Virginians. I am also glad Governor Youngkin’s plan includes actions to protect our natural resources, including farmland, rivers, and streams,” said House Commerce and Energy Chair, Delegate Kathy Byron.

“The Plan’s strong support for an all-the-above energy approach is a meaningful step to ensure that Virginia has a reliable energy grid into the future. Virginians deserve an energy portfolio that prioritizes affordability, innovation, and makes real investments in nuclear power generation,” said Republican Leader Pro Tempore, Senator Steve Newman.

“The Virginia Energy team is excited to have the opportunity to work with the Governor and his Administration on pursuing an energy plan for Virginia that explores all of the many options as well as challenges in the transition of existing energy supply resources to clean energy resources. Existing assets represent significant consumer investment and are a critical component of a clean energy transition in order to maintain reliability and affordability. Acknowledging all of the emerging clean energy technologies as compliments to wind, solar, and storage offers flexbility and the opportunity to advance those that align with the Virginia advantage. Stakeholder outreach has been extensive and offered a wide range of forums to facilitate feedback in the development of the 2022 Virginia Energy Plan. Our team understands the hard work will begin after the Plan is released and looks forward to the next phase of planning and implementation,” said Virginia Department of Energy Director John Warren.


Read the 2022 Virginia Energy Plan here.

Watch the roll out of the 2022 Virginia Energy Plan here.


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