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Chair of VA Senate Privileges & Elections Committee Lionell Spruill Demands “actual explanation” From Youngkin’s Elections Commissioner to Problems with Voter Registration, Incorrect Polling Location Information.

Sen. Spruill wants answers "no later than the close of business Monday given that we are currently in active voting."


Back on October 6, you may recall that VA State Senator Lionell Spruill – Chairman of the Senate Privileges & Elections Committee – sent a letter to Gov. Youngkin’s elections commissioner, Susan Beals, regarding reports in the media that “the state is experiencing problems processing 107,000 voter registration applications and asked local registrars to assume responsibility for that state function.” Sen. Spruill asked for a response to his letter “no later than the close of business Monday [October 10].”

So here were are, two weeks later – and with Election Day just 16 days away – and we still don’t have any real answers. See below for Sen. Spruill’s latest letter, which says that so far, he’s received a “response, but no answers,” to his questions. Sen. Spruill them made several important points:

  1. Prior to Youngkin’s administration, Virginia somehow managed to “not mishandle over 100,000 registrations after redistricting changes…where the Commonwealth normally had a significantly shorter time to make decisions given that redistricting was normally finalized in April or May before a November election, not a full year before the election.”
  2. “It is disingenuous for Governor Youngkin to blame these problems on a Governor after he has been in office for ten months as he did last week. Election Day is 18 days away.  Please provide an explanation as to what the problem was, what the solution is, and whether the system is now correctly functioning.
  3. Also, Sen. Spruill notes that “it was reported…that your office sent out information regarding incorrect polling locations to thousands of voters in multiple towns in Northern Virginia that lie inside two extremely competitive congressional elections. Once again, I learned of this from the press instead of through a phone call or email from your office…Again, please provide an actual explanation as to how this ‘printing issue’ happened and what steps are being taken in your Department to ensure this ‘printing issue’ never happens again.”

Sen. Spruill concluded by asking for a response “as soon as possible and no later than the close of business Monday given that we are currently in active voting.”

The lesson here? If you elect Republicans, this is the incompetence and/or malfeasance that will happen. So do NOT elect Republicans!



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